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St Patty's day Jam-o-rama

In case you forgot, this Thursday is St Patrick's day! Somehow it's even more socially acceptable than usual to get shit-faced drunk around your peers. Until you're about 35 or40 or so and your liver is working at half-capacity and your hangover lasts more than 24 hours. Now it's just getting sadder every year. That won't stop EA2 from doing it though, as our collective decision-making around alcohol consumption is still pretty low. We'll be joining legendary rockabillier Pete Turland at Shaker's Roadhouse this Thursday March 17th for a super-jam session. Probably around 8 or 9 or something. I don't know. It's St Patty's day; don't expect great organizational skills from us that day. If we can get through without anyone puking green on our only copy of our set list, we'll consider that a success. But come on down for the show-jam!

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