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Pembina & Loot

Only two days left until our show at Pembina River Nights! We're on at 10:40 this Friday, July 7th, so we hope to see you there. Also, I updated our Loot page, we have some T shirts and our CD for sale there. I know that "Loot" is technically something you're not paying for - you typically associate that with pirates plundering, or the stuff you pick up after defeating a big video game boss. But at only $20 a shirt, and $5 for our 5-song EP, that's practically a steal, so it's loot! YARRRRR!!! Really, if you think about it, you'll realize that you can't afford to not buy a shirt. But if you think about it even more than that, then you'll realize that's complete bullshit and that you can surely get a cheap ass shirt at value village or something. But don't buy your cheap ass shirts there! We want your money instead, and you (presumably) want our shirt.

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