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Electric Audrey 2 plays predominantly rockabilly music, but their high-energy, eclectic style encompasses a variety of other genres including western, ska, surf rock, gypsy, punk, bluegrass and alternative rock.  The Edmonton-based 6-piece has performed at numerous music festivals around Alberta in the last few years, including North Country Fair, Waynestock, Pembina River Nights, and more.  Their highly ludicrous music videos perfectly portray the demeanor of the band, and have been showcased at numerous film festivals across North America. Their first full-length album “Sphagnum Opus” was released on Dec 3rd, 2021 and showcases a diversity of sounds and styles with guitars, trumpet, fiddle and piano with captivating and bizarre lyrics.  Keep your eyes peeled and ears waxed for summer festival announcements for Electric Audrey 2! 

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Oakland is the nachos supreme, glorious leader of Electric Audrey 2.  He plays guitar, "sings" lead vocals and sports one of the finest hairdos in the Edmonton music scene.  We put "sings" in double quotes 'cause it's more like yelling.  He's also the most charming and well spoken member of the band - but mostly because the other guys are socially inept troglodytes.  His spelling is atrocious though, so we don't let him do any Facebook updates.  During his spare time, he enjoys coming up with crazy ideas, making silly faces and defeating his son in stare-eyes competitions.
Favorite Vice: Miami.


Emmet was a semi-professional beatboxer for several years before EA2 found him beating off in his boxers in back streets near Whyte Ave.  Now he plays drums for the group and is basically Animal from The Muppets when he's on and off the stage, and that fits pretty well with the rest of us.  Sometimes he just randomly pretends to be a cat, and meow out loud.  The rest of us are just slightly uncomfortable with that, but we're too non-confrontational to enquire about it any further.
Favorite Vice: White Claw



Erin aka "Screech Witch" is our newest member that doesn't have a member.  And it's about time; this band was seriously lacking diversity.  She enjoys rage yoga, shiny things, and posting musician-based memes, and we're starting to think she's never going to grow out of her metal / goth phase.  But that's cool because she plays a damn fine fiddle that goes along with Audrey's weird and wacky music.  
Favorite Vice: Summoning demons with her Ouija board while high.



Stacy has been rockin' the electric guitar for many years now, and is the fast fingered fury behind "Chicken Lover", even though his wife says his fingers aren't that fast.... Heyoooo!!   When he's not playing with EA2, he's probably working at his day job, whatever that is.  A natural outdoors-man, rumor has it that Stacy once hypnotized a grizzly bear by doing a jazz hands routine. He also prefers that you keep it "au natural" down there, ladies, as he informs us via our song "Down Bound". We get it Stacy, you're all natural and outdoorsy. But seriously, would it kill you to shower before rehearsal?
Favorite Vice: Imported Beer, in a tall glass with a swirly straw.


Jason plays both trumpet and keyboard, but he's not getting paid twice as much as everyone else, so suck it up Jason. You knew what you were getting into when you joined this communist band.  He's got a plethora of musical diversity, having played with bands in genres like Latin, hip-hop, electronica, Celtic punk, and other really weird shit like bluegrass.  But despite playing with a Latin band for over 5 years, he still doesn't know any Spanish. In fact, he can barely speak English without mumbling incoherently. But that's fine with the rest of us, since he doesn't usually have anything useful to say.
Favorite Vice: Raging at random internet strangers in multiplayer video games.

Disclaimer: nothing can be accurately verified here, at any time.  It's probably all bullshit.

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