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Electric Audrey 2 is playing with the brains at Brixx on Saturday, Sept 24th! Get your tickets here : Event details at And speaking of brains.. our beloved fiddler diddler, Ari, has sailed off to greener pastures in a majestic steampunk airship. He's out for a few years to become a certified musicologist or something like that. And then maybe he'll come back in a few years with a few more million experience points, and stronger than ever - ready to face his enemies. Like Rocky, when he went to train with the League of Shadows so he could face his evil Sith lord father. We'll miss him, and we're real sad about it.

In other news, our video has wrapped up production and it's just editing time! Will be out by end of the year, but hopefully much sooner than that. Stay tuned for more shows coming up in October too!

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